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Beach Bowl is bringing World Class quad skaters and vendors to one of the most iconic skate parks in the country for a full day of clinics, demonstrations and friendly competition culminating in an onsite after party with your favorite skaters!

Registration and ticketing works like this; your flat rate entry fee gets you into Kona skate park all day, either on or off skates.  This allows you to free skate whatever equipment is not in use and attend the afternoon competitions/demos as well as the after party.  

Tickets are on sale now!! 


Clinic registration: Class participation will be on an “A La Carte” option, with the coaches setting their per head price and class size limits.  100% of this money goes to the coaches and funds their travel and lodging. You pay the class fee, you learn from the masters!

 Class details and schedules on our ticketing site!

Skater: Kris Holcomb - Image courtesy of:

Skater: Kris Holcomb - Image courtesy of:

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